About Northwest Independent Brokers Association

Who We Are

The Northwest Independent Broker’s Association (IBA) is a non-profit, membership-based real estate broker’s association. The IBA brings service-minded, independent real estate brokers in Washington State together so that they can collectively deliver solutions and strategies to provide their agents and clients with superior services. Our commitment to giving the real estate client the very best in truly independent representation is enhanced through our regular meetings, special events and conventions, clock hour classes, and seminars.

What We Do

The purpose of the Independent Brokers' Association is to unite service-minded independent Real Estate Brokers in Washington State so as to collectively provide a higher quality, more efficient and effective service to their clients and customers.

Members will achieve this goal by combining their talents and through joint efforts in education, marketing, advertising, hiring and retention of quality agents, referrals, and through the ideas, advice, and counsel generated by creative thinking and brainstorming.

Members will compete favorably in the real estate industry by volunteering their time and resources to provide better training, more efficient advertising, better management, and generally a higher quality service without the expense of franchise fees, or other hidden costs for services that provide little or no benefits to members or their agents.

Who Can Join

Membership in the IBA is open to all real estate brokerages who are not part of a national or regional franchise organization. Today, IBA membership includes over 50 brokerage offices, representing more than 700 real estate professionals in western Washington.

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